Deliver complex, geographically diverse projects at a profit.

Managing all the complexity of an IT consultancy demands a serious project management system.

Day after day, V1 Project Accounting ensures you capture all cost and revenue items, re-bills and tracks all projects closely. You can set the budgets and timelines for each task. By defining alerts, you make sure the right person is prompted to take remedial action at the first sight of an emerging problem.

V1 Project Accounting makes it easier to estimate the work remaining as well as work completed, so you’ll be aware of - and can head off - potential budget overspends long before they start to damage both your profitability and your client relationships.

Wherever they are based, your consultants will find that using the web-based timesheets and work schedules enables them to easily enter and access the information. The chore of data entry is simplified to support them in recording all time spent, while freeing them to focus on client projects. V1 Project Accounting will also enable you to report regularly on your team’s overall workload to pre-empt quiet periods or, conversely, anticipate an impending lack of resources.


Success Story: Novatia practiced what they preached and invested in their own IT by purchasing V1 Project Accounting for management consultants.

V1 Project Accounting is a comprehensive business system designed specifically for your industry. It provides utilisation targets for each consultant and reports to monitor actual utilisation. Every billable hour and all project related expenses are captured to maximise revenue.

The implementation of V1 Project Accounting has also improved the visibility of projects to all Novatia staff

“The news page is simple but effective as it can be used to convey messages to all staff that are using the system whenever they log in. Before, staff could not access live project information; now everyone has access to live project information from wherever they are.”

V1 Project Accounting (formerly ProjectMinder)

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