Accurately forecast work to complete and deploy third-party resource management and project planning with optimum impact

Resourcing & Forecasting

Resource management, project planning and careful scheduling are central to the performance and profitability of your projects.

Gain greater clarity to build
an agile business

Project specific resource cost and charge rates ensure that you have a clear, up-to-the-minute view of actual and forecast costs remaining against budgets and fees.

Key features and benefits...

  • Review and adjust resource requirements against projects
  • Identify critical path task duration through resource assignments
  • See the forecast cost impact, based on resources assigned to your projects
  • Ensure you have enough staff to fulfil your commitments
  • Ensure user, department and company-wide staff target utilisations are achieved
  • Track actual project time against initial forecasts - plan future project work better
  • Comprehensive reports including resource utilisation vs target; revenue vs target; forecast and actual revenue vs costs; work-in-progress financial analysis
  • Full integration with Project Management, Budgets & Actuals, Contacts, Billing,  Invoicing and Reporting

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